It can be sometimes difficult to talk to your partner, family or friends about your treatment.

Counselling can provide you with an opportunity to make sense of your individual circumstances.

The offer of counselling forms part of the service provided by the Unit and in line with the Human Fertilisation and Embryology guidance.  Counselling is available to you before, during and after your treatment with WFI. 

Being able to talk freely in a quiet, confidential, non-judgmental setting can be invaluable.

Counselling can help you understand the impact treatment may have on you and those close to you.

All sessions are confidential and you can attend either individually or with your partner.


There are different types of counselling available. 

They are:

Supportive, Therapeutic and Implications counselling. 


The counsellor will discuss with you the type of counselling offered.

The counselling service can be accessed at any time throughout your treatment with WFI.  Ask a member of the WFI team for details on how to book an appointment with one of our counselors.