WFI aim to ensure that we work within Swansea Bay Health Board values and also in line with the WFI Patient Support Policy.  The components of this include:

  • Caring for each other in every human contact within our service
  • Working together with patients, families, staff and allied community support networks
  • Always improving so that we can provide the best care for our patients and each other


In our pursuit of excellence, our promise is to:

  • To give you personalised, evidence based approach to treatment leading to the highest standards of care.
  • To provide an evidence based diagnostic andrology service within an accredited laboratory environment
  • To respect at all times your need for confidentiality, privacy and individuality.
  • To listen to your comments and respond so as to continually improve our service.


Our Vision Statement

Our vision is that you will receive the best care available to you throughout your fertility journey.

We shall offer the latest evidenced based treatments available to support you.

We shall give you respect, privacy and will form a collaborative partnership to guide you through your treatment options.


Our Mission Statement

We will adhere to our HFEA licence conditions at all times.

We will work to WHSCC requirements in relation to the criteria for NHS funded treatment.

Underpinning all our work will be the SB UHB Values and Behaviour.

We shall respond to the Family and Friends Feedback and constantly reflect and review our standards, so that your care will be dignified, timely and person-centred. 


If you wish to consider providing formal feedback regarding your experience with our service please consider completing the HFEA Rate Your Clinic by clicking on this link, alternatively our Quality Manager, Stephanie Herring can be contacted via the main reception number.