IUI can be undertaken with either suitable partner sperm  or donor sperm. The sperm is specially prepared and concentrated prior to being placed in the uterus using a fine catheter.

WFI may recommend IUI if:

  • You or your partner have a borderline low sperm count or reduced motility
  • You are using donor sperm in your treatment
  • You are a female couple or single woman
  • You have unexplained fertility problems

Before undertaking IUI we will ensure that the fallopian tubes are present and healthy. We will then follow your ovulation cycle using ultrasound scans of the ovaries and bloods tests. We will then time the IUI for when the egg is predicted to have been released into the fallopian tube. 

All donor sperm used at WFI is carefully screened for infectious diseases and common genetic issues. At WFI we will help you to obtain a donor with as close a physical match as possible. If you choose to use donor sperm you will be required to talk to one of our Counsellors so that you fully understand the implications of using donor sperm.  

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