WFI are pleased to inform our current and prospective patients that both of our licensed clinics have reported treatment outcome success in line with the national average. Please bear in mind that success rates alone are of limited value when comparing clinics or when choosing a clinic for your treatment. There are many factors that contribute to your treatment experience and its ultimate outcome and you should consider which are the most important to you. Please find more information via the link below.


The HFEA publish what is currently called ‘Choose a Fertility Clinic’ data.  For our NHS patients this is used to inform patients about information in relation to the clinics that you will be referred to for your NHS treatment.  The HFEA data is the only tool that publishes comparable data for fertility clinics in the UK. 


Data is collected by the HFEA for all treatments that are carried out and all clinics are inspected at least every two years to ensure that they are adhering to the strict operating guidelines for licensed fertility clinics.


Although we are mindful that our NHS patients are not able to ‘Choose’ a fertility clinic it does provide optimum information regarding our services offered on both sites and provides important information in relation to treatment outcome statistics.


Wales Fertility Institute - Cardiff

Wales Fertility Institute - Neath Port Talbot