Enter your information and you'll be taken to a page to ask a few questions to determine your eligibility.

Your secondary care Consultant should ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria as indicated via the IVF Commissioners Fertility Services Policy [CP38].  Information regarding the policy can be found at:-

Fertility - Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee (nhs.wales)


Once your secondary care Consultant has ensured that you are eligible a referral form is completed and forwarded electronically to the generic referral email address.  If the referral is complete this will be sent for vetting by our Clinical Team for approval of acceptance.  Our ultimate aim is to be able to provide our patients with an acknowledgement letter informing them of receipt of your referral and we are working towards implementing this.  Currently however we are unable to utilise this process however if we are unable to accept your referral due to ineligibility or if it is incomplete then your referrer will be informed of this.


There is a routine wait of 12 months for an initial consultation however should you be able to be considered for potential assisted reproduction treatment there is no lengthy waiting time to progress to the treatment pathway.  There are however some variants as treatment is very much an individualised pathway and therefore there will be different options for all patients who are accepted for consideration of treatment.


If your referral is able to be accepted you will be put onto an outpatient waiting list.  Once your name reaches the top of the waiting list we will contact you via telephone to book you an initial consultation appointment.   When you are contacted your eligibility will again be checked to confirm that we are still able to offer you an appointment and that there has been no change in your circumstances since the original referral.

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